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Why Do You Have To Do When“Haute Couture" Is So Expensive?

It is said that the ticket for the “World Cup" ticket in the four-year period is said to be the automatic grouping status of most people at this time. Usually, the "true fans", "pseudo-fans" and "DU" are triangularly distributed.
However, there is always a small group of people who magically shield the male hormones that are floating on the street.
No matter how you write on internet, the screens are always some elegant or elegant, and the artwork is as delicate as the dress (and the beautiful ladies wrapped in the dress).
That's right, they are the fashion fans that are next to the ball and the high and the incomparable situation
1) It is time for  During 2018 world cup, there is also the famous fashion show. As we know, it is the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. This is a most important fashion show in the world. Haute Couture is not intended to be called, it must be recognized by the Paris Haute Couture Federation CHAMBRE SYNDICALE, and is protected by law, may use a lawsuit if used without authorization.
2) To meet the Haute Couture standards, we must meet a series of conditions for five consecutive years, hand-made, tailored is only the most basic part. Simply put, craftsmanship, time, and money are just as important, and design innovation is the least important part. At that time, a young designer Mr. Givenchy was adjusting the costumes for the model on his first high-definition show. The serious man is really handsome!
3) Now, please see the world goddess Audrey Hepburn and her exclusive designer Mr. Givenchy to show us what is Haute Couture.
4) This year, the Asian Advanced Customization Association (ACF) was formally established. Does this mean that our Asian fashion industry has grown to be able to occupy the world's fashion independently? Everyone will wait and see. Let’s get back to the Paris twice a year (January and July), Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, not same time as Wimbledon is same time to the World Cup,  after some many overnights watching TV, I feel that the heath body is needed.
This season's show is full of surprises, and this year's World Cup is often enjoyed, French desserts are cold beer, it tastes great!
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