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Who Has Obtained The Membership Of The Paris Haute Couture Federation



Compared with MARIA GRAZIA CHIURI, who has worked together for 20 years, PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI is the Romantic practitioner with a girl's poetry heart. In his mind, Juliet was curious and brave. She traveled around the world as a bard and turned into a knight to rescue the people in distress. She is the most beautiful and plump flower, but also the noble lady looking forward to shining.




Looking closely at the clothes she has changed, can you count how many places she has been to? I saw the Far East, Central America, North Africa, Southern Europe... Well, maybe there's a forest in the tropics that's rarely visited.




Five centuries away, she returned as a young girl. Her gorgeous Baroque dress and long skirt showed her full confidence in herself. It can be said that it's very cute.





Mrs. Guo Pei is the only Chinese designer in China who has obtained the membership of the Paris Haute Couture Federation. I don’t always mention Chinese designers who think of Chinese elements. The design is borderless, and the Gothic church theme is quite exciting. From vertical lines to altars to colorful windows to narrow spiral staircases, the topic is everywhere and inadvertently, even the colors are also rendering the authentic medieval atmosphere, beautiful and solemn.




We say that Mr. Guo Pei's designs are beautiful, but in fact, the scenes outside the pictures are even better. Following her show site selection, you can basically take a one-day tour of Paris's historic buildings, even in previous prisons, and after studying history, you will find that it fits perfectly with the theme of clothing. We all convinced by his meticulous efforts. Mrs. Guo Pei herself said in private that the money for selling clothes in one year was used for the second year's show. So it's not necessary to make money to make high-level customization. It's good to do it without losing money.




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