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Do You Know The Impressionism Through The Color Block?

Do you know the impressionism of the scene through the color block? So have you visited the Monet Garden in the suburbs of Paris?

In the afternoon of the midsummer humming, you followed the flat brick road with scattered grass seeds, and casually passed through the small nurseries of flowers all over the world.



The sun jumps between the thick leaves and accidentally shakes your eyes. You quickly put your hand over your forehead, and your eyes turn to the quiet water lily on the lake. Occasionally, the wind said to the Koi, and the lake smiled softly.






Since it is Haute Couture, our old friend ALEXIS must be stable forever 1P. After all, it is the most powerful assistant of the pirate master JOHN GALLIANO who is in charge of CHRISTIAN DIOR. Even if it is in a situation of almost no profit, he is not in a hurry to cash out, preferring to stay in the studio and seriously do a set of clothes (he thinks, and we feel that it can get to the world).


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The typical Frenchman ALEXIS says that Haute Couture is so precious because it is like the top French dessert we enjoy, each with special cutlery, a special wine, and a unique set. It looks very beautiful, it looks extremely delicate, and you will be happy when you touch it. You will feel the indescribable drunk when you wear it. Such a rich level is the charm of advanced customization that makes people unable to extricate themselves.





To be honest, you can do high-end custom play, for the designer is like a bear who fell into a honey pot, to be happy to fly. After all, we have the best tailors and the most precious fabrics. CLARE WAIGHT KELLER, the current GIVENCHY design director, is sure to be super happy too. After a year of running-in, this series with the distinctive features of Mr. Givenchy is elegant and beautiful.









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